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Aadujeevitham by Benyamin - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Randamoozham Mt Malayalam. Uploaded by. Rajeev Ramakrishnan . oat Days (original title: Adujivitam, Malayalam: ആടുജീവിതം) is a novel by Malayalam author Benyamin (born Benny Daniel) based on. AADUJEEVITHAM Pdf Format is available in internet.. Please follow this link to download

But he mixed lot of thoughts and imagination for the better reading. This shows the talent of the writer. There are much characters along with the hero. That is Hakkim and Hameed. If we tried to understand th life of the hero,definitely it makes tears from our eyes No doubt He has only one set of clothes, which he is supposed to wear continuously. Baths are out of the question. Najeeb tends goats, sheep and camels without rest throughout the day. Any small mistake results in horrendous beatings.

He slowly realises this is going to be his life from now on-like the goats, castrated and penned in, till one day they make the final journey to the slaughterhouse.

He forms a deep kinship with the goats; gives them the names of his acquaintances from home and talks to them regularly. He rejoices when they give birth and mourns when they die.

Towards the end of the story, as his humanity is almost totally stripped away, he even sleeps with a she-goat.


Najeeb is a pious, God-fearing Muslim. This, coupled with the fatalism that is the hallmark of most Indians, Najeeb is the perfect victim, the slave every owner would love to have. But it is also this unquestioning acceptance of his fate that allows Najeeb to survive his ordeal for three and a half years. Finally when he escapes, that too is orchestrated by others — even though, ironically, he is the only one who escapes. The depths to which human beings can plunge is narrated without any sentimentality or righteousness, almost in the tone of a child which has met unfair treatment at the hands of its parents.

Bava was busy since he had a lot of orders come in the previous days and the customers kept on calling asking whether their dress was ready.

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Come with me. I hopped onto his motorbike and headed for his home, which was on the fields, at the bottom of a small hill. It was almost PM.

His Mom made Sulaimani black tea for both of us. Over tea, he explained about how elegant and creative the writing was.

It was a short conversation and we left his place by He dropped me off at my home and we parted exchanging Salams. I must say I am glad that this happened in my life.

Aadu jeevitham by Benyamin – A book review

About the book ——————— Last month, I finished reading a Malayalam Novel for the first time in my life. However, each and every one of them were in English.

The only times that I had read anything in Malayalam were the stories and poems from my school text books. I must say, the most wonderful thing about the book is the language itself.

Aadujeevitham – A Goat like Life – Must Read

I do not deserve to talk about it from a literature perspective as neither have I read other Malayalam novels nor have I learned the language too deep. I entirely mean that the language is wonderful from the perspective of the language being in ones own mother tongue.

There are certain quirks and colloquial constructs that you have in your mother tongue which expresses the meaning of a word or a context much better than any other means of communication. Hence, although I have read quite a few English novels and stories in my life, this one novel got through to me the most. To further elaborate on that, I was able to understand the emotions and feelings of the characters much better.

I was able to picture the scenes much better and most importantly, it was like a conversation between a human and I. As if someone was telling me the story rather than me reading it from the book.

Of course, this could be the case with every other book written in ones mother tongue since there is nothing that I have described here which is peculiar to this novel. I will just have to read more and see whether in terms of the language constructs he had used, this novel stands out from the rest of the others. The novel talks about the dreams that a person would have and how reality dawns upon him to crush not only the dreams, but his entire life as well.Ra Jeev R.

Pribin Pribin. Sajid K Salahudheen. I love this book because standing near to the dessert,looking far to the immensity of its view I always feel the stank of a shepherd and his sheep and desperate and tired voice of a human being who frantically wants to come back to life, whom I meet every pages of this book and in my life.

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