Public Administration is one of the favorite optional subjects of Civil Services Aspirants. As the paper includes many topics covered in Indian Polity for Prelims/GS Mains, the preparation as an optional subject becomes rather easy. Link: UPSC Exam Books by Cosmos Bookhive. This post lists the 5 highly recommended Public Administration books for IAS exam for Paper 1 and Paper 2 apart from the important newspapers and journals. This book is about public administration in India, which is often synonymous with the role and performance of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). The author.

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Public Administration eBook - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File q Unlike the All India Service officers (IAS/IPS/IFS), the Central Service officials do. Public Administration For The Upsc Civil Services Exams 3Rd Edition By LAXMIKANTH Online. Book Details: Language: English Published Unknown, Isbn. M. Laxmikanth has also written books like Indian Polity for Civil Service Examinations and Governance in India for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination.

This book covers all these and many other new themes of contemporary importance.

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Atul Lohiya Public Administration Optional Printed Hindi Medium

You are not a valid user!!! An email containing new password has been sent to Do you really want to reset your password? Email Id already exists. Under the traditional Public Administration, there was a mismatch between the supply of public administration and the demand of the people. Though the Public Administration functioned well, it failed to solve the contemporary problems. Hence, the New Public Administration demanded that there should be relevance between Public Administration and the contemporary social problems.

Traditional Public Administration emphasised value-neutrality. For example, both rich and poor will be treated equally without any favour for one side. However, New Public Administration championed the cause of the disadvantaged sections in society and openly sided with them. Thus, it emphasised value factor in administration. New Public Administration specifically emphasised that the basic function of administration is to distribute the resources in such a way to reduce the economic and social inequalities.

This is to maintain social equity. New Public Administration attacked the traditional concept of maintaining status quo same status and advocated innovation and change.

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Ramesh New Public Administration is called anti-positivist. Positivist denotes the perception that everything is perfect.

But, the reality of the situation was not so. Karl Marx regarded Censorship as a bureaucratic instrument for maintaining politics as a reserved domain of a particular class.

According to this, the top officials entrust the understanding of the specifics to the lower levels, while the lower level officials credit the top with understanding of the general, and so, all are mutually deceived.

According to Riggs, five important functions are discharged in all the societies. Economic 2.

5 Recommended Public Administration Books for IAS

Social 3. Communication 4. Symbolic and 5. Heterogeneity, according to Riggs, means the simultaneous presence of quite different kinds of systems, practices and viewpoints.

This is unique to prismatic model. Formalism means the extent to which a discrepancy exists between the prescriptive and descriptive — ideals and realities — objectives and performance — aims and achievements. Formalism is the opposite of realism. In the Prismatic societies there is high level of formalism and low level of realism.

Hence the Fused-Prismatic-Diffracted model is not unidirectional. Constitutional formalism is the gap between the constitutional principles and their actual implementation. One example for constitutional formalism in India is that while the function of legislation law making is entrusted to the legislators by the Constitution, it is delegated to the bureaucrats in the name of delegated legislation.

Overlapping is the extent to which formally differentiated structures of a diffracted society co-exist with undifferentiated structures of a fused society.


Various manifestations of Overlapping are: 1. Nepotism 2. Poly-communalism 3. Poly- normativism 4. Existence of clects 5.

Lack of consensus 6. Separation of authority from control. This may drive the administrator to reckon the reaction of his boss as Available online at www.

As such, the accuracy of the prediction will be higher in the bottom physical needs of the hierarchy and it reduces as one goes up in the hierarchy.

(E-Book) UPSC Mains Public Administration (Optional) Categorised Question Papers

It is easy to guess what a person, who is deprived of food, will do. But, it is difficult to guess what a person, who is denied appreciation by his boss, will do. Satisfaction is a relative term. Emergence of a particular need after satisfaction of a lower order need is not sudden but a gradual phenomenon. Both are different and discrete feelings. They are not opposite ends of the same continuum, but are ends of separate continuums.

He is a member of a higher level group and the leader of a lower-level group. Ramesh q F. Taylor and Jonh D. This is because, what has to be supervised is not only the individual subordinates, but also the numerous permutations and combinations of their mutual relationships. Investigation is inquiry on receipt of specific complaint.

Inspection is sudden visit to find out any faults. Supervision more than control and it connote education and guidance. It can be vice versa or between units equal in status.

The difference is that, in the centralised systems, the filed units are only executing agencies and cannot take independent decisions whereas in the decentralised systems, the field units have decision-making authority. The authority ceases Available online at www.

Ramesh to carry legitimacy when the rulers do illegal things in legal authority , ignore the traditions in traditional authority and lose charisma in Charismatic authority. Follet, like authority, responsibility also flows from the function work and situation, and NOT from the status in the hierarchy. The reason is that it advocates participation of people in the process of administration. It means delegated functions cannot be delegated again.

That is, if A delegates a work to B, B in turn cannot delegate it to any other person. These three personnel systems can be remembered easily with the mnemonic BAD. Ramesh q While Board and Commission undermine unity of command, bureau does not undermine it. The reason is that a single person mans a bureau, while a board or commission is generally manned by more than one person.

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The reasons are: Parliament in India is not a rival to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet relieves the burden of the Prime Minister and acts as a coordinator; and there are comparatively few political appointees at the top. The Executive, who needs money, places the Appropriation bill. The parliament cannot give more money than needed by the executive. The report is submitted first to the President who lays it before the Lok Sabha, which it turn gives it to the PAC for scrutiny.

In case the Finance Ministry considers any of the recommendations of the PAC difficult to implement, the matter is referred to the Parliament for decision. Accountability refers to the formal and specific location of responsibility, whereas responsibility has a highly personal, moral quality and is not necessarily related to formal status or power.

Responsibility is subjective and works from within, whereas accountability is objective and works from without.

Paul H. Appleby considers administration to be a political process and mainly concerned with policy-making.


He also asserted that public adminsitration is different from private administration. Clect: A prismatic social group that combines modern forms of association with a traditional communal orientation. Administrative Thinkers is a must read book for Paper 1. Personnel Administration is a very important chapter from Mains point of view and one question is always asked from it.

An excellent book that covered almost 90 percent of old syllabus single-handedly, it still covers about percent of the new Public Administration paper 2 syllabus. In fact, you should read Indian Public Administration at least three times to really score well in Paper 2.

Such is its significance. This book nicely complements Indian Administration by Arora and Goyal recommended earlier. Apart from covering Central, State and District Administration in detail, this book also covers Finance and Personnel Administration topics which are listed in the syllabus for Paper 1.Respected sir, I m appearing for the F.

The main cause of unemployment in a underdeveloped country is lack of effective demand for goods which depends on the propensity for consumption. The Finance Ministry has the overall responsibility for the formulation of the Budget. K S Chalam. English Download options: The income tax collected by the Centre is necessarily distributed between the Centre and the States.