In word association test (WAT) candidate will be shown a word for 15 seconds and whatever comes in candidate's mind he/she needs to Click below to download the WAT practice set. WHAT IS PPDT IN SSB INTERVIEW. Contact - R S Rathore @ visit us - ciofreedopadkin.ga WAT (Word Association Test): Practice Set. 1. Attitude -. 2. Always -. 3. Education -. The best way to score more in Word Association Test in SSB is to Practice more and . Word Association Test: + real words for Practice with pdf download.

Word Association Test Ssb Pdf Download

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this post about Best WAT Word Association Test In SSB (Words +) with PDF Free Download see more here for WAT in SSB. Word Association Test - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Download as PPT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Documents Similar To Word Association Test. Imp Tips for Ssb Interview. SSB Interview Tips_ Word Association Test Examples at SSB - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

LOVE- People love their country. WILL- The will power can change the destiny. SAVE- The saving of rain water increases the ground water level. SICK- Help the sick. SSB Success Stories!!! LEAD- The infanty leads first in war..

BEAT- The music differes with various beats. For negative words try to find the reason or effect of that thing and make a sentence with that.

For eg - For betray we can use: Friends do not betray one another. Corrupt people betray.

Best WAT Word Association Test In SSB (Words 400+) with PDF Free Download 2015

Trustworthy people do not betray. Cheat: Daredevils cheat death Failure: Failure is one step towards success. Hesitation: Practice overcomes Hesitation. Love: Every citizen loves his motherland. Youth: Youth is the future of the nation. Escape: Courageous people never escape from obstacles. Mend: Mending Relations binds people Worry: Worrying after the exam is futile. Here are some words that you can practice: Agree.

Approach: Positive approach always givespositive results. Aloof: Company of friends removes aloofness. Aid: The whole world provided aid to Tsumani victims. Argument: Reasonable argument promotesgood ideas.

SSB Interview Tips: Word Association Test Examples at SSB

Architect: Architecture is the game of Imagination. Ambassador: Pt. Nehru was an ambassador ofpeace. Mother Teres a was a ambassador of charity.

Again: Practicing again and again improves performance. All: All citizens are responsible formation. Adult: Education helps to remove orthodoxy from society. Boredom: Removed by engagin experience. Bachelor: Is the state of gaining experience. Ballot: Plays important role in democracy. Barrier: Large population is a barrier in development.

Word Association Test (WAT) in SSB Interview (100 Words Sample)

Beauty: Nature is bestowed with beauty. Nature beauty refreshes mind andbody. Bride: Taking and giving bribe is moral crime. Books: Power house of knowledge. Are good companions. Behave: Good behaviors shows maturity.

Good behaviors reflect good upbringing. Break: Continuous efforts help to break records.

Blood: Saves life. Patriots nurture national interest with their blood. Begin: A good beginning entails a good end. Beggar: Social workers work for beggars upliftment. Relations are based on loyalty. Bed: After hard work; be gives relief. Bad: Life if full of good things Brave: Brave men build society.

Borrow: USA is borrowing good brains from India. Beat: Indian Scientists beat the world in IT. Burden: Cheerfulness eases the burden. Good citizens burden their responsibility willingly.

Weak always blames others. Bomb : Vast population acts as a bom. Calamity: Tsumani was great calamity. Effectively disaster management minimizes the harm in a calamity. Calm and cool mind brings better results. Careful : Careful preparation keeps errors away.

Compel : Compelling reasons win a lot of supports. Capable : Continuous efforts increase capability. Congratulation : Congratulating others on their sucess motivates them to do well again. Company : Of friends gives pleasure. Of good people gives good habits. Cheat : Cheating does not give long-lasting results. Cheaters need strict punishment.

Cult : India is a home of different cults and creeds. Culprit : Is brought to justice by law. Cruelty of Saddam was the cause of his fall. Cry : To Check growing population is the crying need of the hour.

Cup : Life is a cup of joy. Child : Priceless asset of parents. Care : Caring and sharing makes therelations strong. Casual : Attitude harms the success. Change : Determined people change the fate. Gandhiji fought for a change in the system. Conduct : Conducting environmental campaigns increases awareness.

Class : Food for work scheme helps lower class of society. Class differences are slowly but surely fading. Convince : Confident people convince others easily. Criticize : Positive criticism improves performance. Healthy criticism improves performance. Decide : India and China have decided to improve their relations.

Develop : Youth plays crucial role in the development of country. Discourage : Coach encourages team to win the match. Duty : Duty and responsibility goes hand in hand.

Duty implies responsibilities. To perform duty is always joyful. Delay : Doing work without delay shows sincerity. Dictator : Democracy is the answer to dictatorship. Drink : Clean drinking water is essential for public health. Interlinking of revers will provide enough drinking water. Differ : India is a home of different yet unified cultures.

Death of a martyr inspires young blood.Is a natural treasure for living being. Partial repetition: the stimulus word is included in, or part of it constitutes the reaction Boyfriend Boy; Taxi. Diversity : Crop diversification is beneficial for good cultivate Determined : India is Determined people achieve their goals definitely. Books: Power house of knowledge.

Problem of terrorism should be tackled collectively at the international arena. Hull, Trans. Cheat: Daredevils cheat death Failure: Failure is one step towards success.