SARVSANDHI (SARVNAAYAK-6)- MULTISTARER – RC SARVSANDHI ( SARVNAAYAK-6)- SHARE YOUR COMICS LOVE WITH OTHERS. Sarvsandhi the sixth part of the ongoing Sarvnayak Series, will soon be ready for pre-orders. . The two powers are going to clash in upcoming comics Sarvsandhi . .. Guys mujhe saare comics chahiye Sarvanayak series ke pdf mein agar kisi. Related Topics. Brahmand Yoddha-doga steel comic pdf download · Bhramand Vikhandan-nagraj latest comic pdf download · ek se badhkar.

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Sarvagaman (SARVNAAYAK-8) – MULTISTARER COMICS – RC Comic Books · Cartoons · Comics Pdf, Free Comics, Hindi Comics, Comic Book, Comics Story, Comic .. SARVSANDHI (SARVNAAYAK-6)- MULTISTARER - RC All the solo comic's of Doga. issues. Volume» Published by Raj Comics. Started in All the solo comic's of Doga. Summary. Short summary. 11 मार्च Serialized Comics of Sarvnayak Series: Sarvshakti सर्वशक्ति, Sarvkranti सर्वक्रान्ति, Sarvsandhi सर्वसन्धि. SPHBH.

Character Wise Raj Comics List in Sequence

Nagraj then became Baba Goraknath's disciple and vowed to eliminate crime and terror from the Earth. Since then, Nagraj has thrice toured the world and defeated many villains and terrorists. Fictional character biography In ancient times, there existed a kingdom known as Takshaknagar, ruled by King Takshakraj and Queen Lalita.

The couple had no worries except for one fact that, they had no children. The absence of a prince or princess made Nagpasha the only potential heir to the throne. Nagpasha was the younger brother of the King Takshakraj. Knowing that he was the only potential heir to the throne, Nagpasha started living a lavish worry-free life. As time passed, Queen Lalita started getting depressed for not having a child of her own. The king realised the cause of her depression and became upset as well.

The couple used to pray to their family deity Dev Kaljayi for his blessings.

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Dev Kaljayi also knew of their grievances, so one day he blessed them to have a great child. His blessings came true as the queen soon became pregnant and the whole kingdom rejoiced, except for Nagpasha.

The birth of this child meant the loss of the throne for him, so he decided to kill the child before he was born.

One day when the queen was going to pray to Deva Kaljayi, Nagpasha replaced the curtained plate of her offerings to the god with one containing a dead mongoose.

The Snake God got angry and knocked her unconscious with his venomous breath. The king sought forgiveness from the Devta and pleaded with him to cure his wife, to which the Devta refused. Then the desperate king tried to commit suicide. Not able to withstand a devotee's death, Deva Kaljayi showed him a way to save the queen's life. He gave a crystal to the king and told him to treat it with the queen's medicine. The crystal would divert all the poison from the queen's body to the child's body.

However, due to the ill effects of the poison. The kingdom was highly grieved, as was the king. Nagpasha was overjoyed that he was now the sole heir to the throne. When the child was born, everyone believed him dead because his whole body was blue and showed no signs of life.

As per Hindu rituals, the newborn baby was thrown into the river.

Nagpasha rejoiced and went to Deva Kaljayi; the deity that also protected the grand royal treasure in form of a giant two-headed snake, and asked him to hand over the royal treasures, telling him that now he was the sole heir to the throne, so the treasure rightfully belonged to him. Deva Kaljayi refused and told him that the "real successor" to the throne was alive and when the time comes the treasure will be handed over to him.

Enraged, Nagpasha raised his sword against the deity only to be thrown away by a mere flick of the giant snake's tail. Nagpasha fell upon two bowls, one containing the highly toxic venom halahal, the greatest form of venom as believed by Hindus which destroyed his face and mixed with his blood, and the other containing Amrit, which made him immortal.

Simultaneous effects of both made Nagpasha an immortal, venomous man.

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At that time, Nagpasha could not tolerate the changes in his body and fainted. When the king was informed of the happenings by Dev Kaljayi, he realised that his son was not dead and he also realised the potential dangers to his son's life. So he ordered his faithful astrologer Vedacharya, who had great knowledge of Tilism to enclose the treasure in a Tilism which could be broken only by his son.

Vedacharya made the tilism with the co-operation of Dev Kaljayi to ensure that no one, except for the king's son, will be able to break the tilism, not even immortal Nagpasha. When Nagpasha came to his senses, he realised that he had lost the treasure. Enraged, he murdered the king and the queen. The child, floating away on the river in his state of suspended animation , got stuck somewhere in bushes.

He laid there for a long time. Meanwhile, the snake deity Deva Kaljayi appeared in the dreams of King Maniraj and his wife Queen Manika, rulers of ageless Ichchhadhaari naags, living secretly on an invisible island in the Indian Ocean called Nagdweep.

He told them the location of the baby and asked them to cure him.

They did so and discovered that the baby was far more venomous than the greatest snake on Nagdweep, which was Mahatma Kaaldoot, indicating that he had divine venom of the god. Initially, the raj vaid was unsure whether he would be able to cure the child, but since Dev Kaljayi himself asked the king for his treatment, he was assured that the treatment will work.

According to the rules, no one was permitted to bring an outsider to the island, so the king decided to keep his presence a secret. Many years passed and the treatment started showing results and, although still in the suspended animation, the color of the baby had gradually changed to green.

The king gave the news to the queen and they decided to adopt the child, since they had no child of their own.

Their decision was heard by Vishandhar, an evil Tantrik who wanted to become the ruler of the island, but was afraid of Mahatma Kaaldoot. He attacked the secret area where the baby was kept and escaped with him, but fearing the wrath of the god, he decided not to kill the baby and instead placed him back into the same bushes in the river where he was found.

His plan failed as the queen soon got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter who was named Visarpi. Vishandhar never knew that the baby that he left astray was cured enough to regain his senses. First, his face and later, his whole body, turned normal color and he started crying.

Sarvnayak Series Raj Comics

A priest of the nearby temple located him and gave him to Professor Nagmani, who was wandering in the nearby forest searching for snakes. For unknown reasons, the priest narrated a fake story that the child belonged to a woman, who was a devotee of the Snake God.

He also said that the child was blessed by an ichchhadhari naag, so he asked Nagmani to bring up the child and allows him to avenge his mother. Nagmani realised that the priest was lying, but he took the child. The blood tests of the child showed that the child had minute, microscopic snakes in his blood, filling in for white blood cells.

The child had extraordinary healing powers and was extremely venomous.

He raised the baby, who became Nagraj. Plot summary Nagraj was presented to the world as a creation of Professor Nagmani. He was meant to be an ultimate killing machine, and his original plan was to hire out Nagraj to the highest bidder among villains and terrorist groups of the world.

Professor Nagmani used him for his other experimental projects and leased him for international terrorism. Nagmani always claimed that Nagraj's powers were evolved by feeding him bits of snake poison until his blood itself became poison. He claimed that his venom was a result of snake bites from 1, different species of snakes This echoes the Indian legends of poison-men or women, specifically raised to kill by their kiss and his other powers evolved when he was treated with ashes of a dead ichchhadhaari snake.

In reality, Nagraj was much more poisonous than any species of snakes because his venom was celestial. Based largely on the Hindu myth of the shape shifting snake, Nagraj derives most of his powers from microscopic snakes that live in his bloodstream, in lieu of white blood cells.

He has a number of powers, such as superhuman strength, poisonous breath and poison-bite, instant healing powers, and snakes that come out of his wrists. The snakes can come out individually or form into ropes, parachutes, and many others, depending on his imagination.

His venom is believed to be far stronger than Potassium Cyanide, resulting in the melting of any living being's body if he bites them or vice versa. Nagraj succeeds, but then is foiled by the Sage Baba Gorakhnath, who frees him from the mind control of Professor Nagamani. Waking up to a newer world amid the calmness of Gorakhnath, Nagraj takes a vow to eliminate terrorism from the world and works toward achieving this goal.

In his initial issues, Nagraj's powers were too limited, and at times he was even knocked out by powerful human opponents. His strength was also quite human in nature, as he would marvel at his opponent's strength, such as when someone picked up a car.

Over the years, Nagraj became powerful enough to not only pick up falling cars single-handedly, but also to achieve feats such as throwing things into outer space effortlessly. This happened in the issue Nagadhish, when he threw the controlling sceptre of a serpent court official into orbit.

Powers and abilities Nagraj, a character in the Raj Comics series,[5] has a huge arsenal of powers of which most can be credited to his divine birth in the comics storyline. Nagraj is arguably the most powerful superhero in the Raj Comics Universe and is among the most powerful Icchadhari Naagas of his time. Time and again, he has even shown the potential of challenging the Supreme Snake-Gods like Sheshnaag , Vasuki , Takshak , Kaaljayi, and has defeated the likes of Kaaldoot, Trifana, Mahavyaal and Sheetnaag Kumar, who are ranked among the mightiest snakes in their species.

Nagraj's blood is a mixture of red blood cells, venom and minute snakes. He can "release" snakes out of his body at his will through his hands and use them for whatsoever purpose he likes, controlling them through telepathy. Though Nagraj gives full liberty to his snakes, his will can keep them inside his body, leading him at times to take enemy snakes inside him. Snakes in his body can be classified into many groups: Microscopic snakes Though these are snakes, of many different species, which commonly exist in the real world, being born in Nagraj's body means that they share in Nagraj's extremely powerful venom.

Nagraj uses them variably as ropes, ladders, parachutes, shields, boats, spies and messengers. Most notable among them is Naganand, at a time considered right-hand man of Nagraj, he left Nagraj's body to look after the people of Nagdweep at Nagraj's order after he upgraded to become an ichchhadhaari nag. These snakes are usually snakes carrying some special abilities.

They include Jagmag sarp glowing snakes which in Nagayana series were shown shooting lasers , Naav-sarp giant snakes, Nagraj uses them for making snake-boats , Nagfani sarp literally "cactus-snakes" and Ichchhadhaari-naags shape-shifting snakes. Nagfani-sarp Given by Deva Kaljayi to Nagraj, these snakes have spikes on their body and they can easily rip apart most opponents.

The extent of their power is still a mystery; powers tend to be revealed when necessary for the plotline. For instance, Nagraj once used a snake to tie up an enemy, revealing that they may extend themselves at length.

Though Nagfani-sarp warned Nagraj about using them too frequently, Nagraj never ever had any problems with their numbers while using them. Using these snakes Nagraj can see and fight against souls and invisible powers. While using this power Nagraj's body gets divided into minute particles making him almost ethereal and immune to physical damage, also temporarily disabling his power to eject snakes out of his body. This form of Nagraj is called Maanas Nagraj.

Ichchhadhaari nags. They may or may not be of the same species but all snakes possessing the power of shape-shifting come under this category. They include a big bunch of ichchhadhaari naags banished from Nagdweep.

It is quite notable that some of them possess such great powers which rival Nagraj's own, but they all hold great respect for Nagraj. While some of them live in his body just cause they have no better place to live, others live willingly to learn something from Nagraj's way of life.

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Also she was the very first special snake induced by Nagraj in his body. She is the member of an Egyptian clan of snakes which fights against the evil mummy of pharaoh Tutankhemun. Like Nagfani snakes she too has spikes on her body when she is in her snake form, she also has a limited knowledge of Tantra. Among the trio of Sheetnag kumar, Naagu and her, her powers are least explained. In early issues of Nagraj, she often became the decisive force of the fights between Nagraj and his powerful enemies, particularly Nagdant.

Though she does not appear as frequently as earlier, she still has a devoted fan following with some urging that she should be the main love interest of Nagraj. Earlier a rival Sheetnag-kumar has now become one of Nagraj's most trusted snakes. He belongs to a clan of ichchhadhari nags living on the Himayalas.

Sheetnag-kumar is known for his "icy powers", he can create and manipulate ice at his will giving it different forms like spears and arrows. Sheetnag-kumar also regulates Nagraj's body temperature making him immune to normal fire when he is inside his body and also giving him protection against severe cold; one of Nagraj's greatest weakness which makes him drowzy pushing him towards hibernation. Sheetnag-kumar's Fang can absorb many attacks and revert them back towards the enemy.

Reply Delete. Sarvnayak Series. Download , sarvnayak series 8 sarvnayak vistar series 3 shakti super commando dhruv super indian. Collection og doga series from raj comics free to download. Sarvsanhar 4th Part Of Sarvnayak Series. Raj Comics is an Indian comic book publisher.

Visit Rajcomix. Archiving yesteryears Hindi comics. No comments: Post a Comment. Aug 27, Crossover series involving the Past and the Present. Feb 18, free download raj comics set 3 ,download set 3 raj comics.

Message this Page. Each year is dedicated to some year or some theme by Raj comics, this time the theme for is Sarvanayak year which means year of heroes.Download Link Here. In his debut issue, Nagraj was unleashed as an international terror weapon by the evil scientist Professor Nagmani. The blood tests of the child showed that the child had minute, microscopic snakes in his blood, filling in for white blood cells.

Utilizing this power Nagraj can cast a hypnotic reality upon his surroundings using his eyes. This form of Nagraj is called Maanas Nagraj.