The National Book Award-winning novel about one remarkable young woman who dares to defy fate, perfect for readers who enjoyed A Long Walk to Water by . Homeless Bird. One of the several books written by Gloria Whelan that are set in India, Homeless Bird is meant to give you an interesting peek. Homeless Bird is a book by Gloria Whelan, an American author, about life in India for a year-old girl named Koly. Like many Indian girls her age, Koly.

Homeless Bird Book

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Homeless Bird book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Like many girls her age in the India of her time period, thirteen-. Homeless Bird [Gloria Whelan] on ciofreedopadkin.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Leaving Home forever. Like many girls her age in India, thirteen-year-old . Homeless Birds was so popular with young readers that it won the National Book Award Children's Division and became a New York Times bestseller. Fancy.

In prose both graceful and unflinching, this powerful novel relays the story of a rare young woman, who even when cast out into a brutal current of time-worn tradition, sets out to forge her own remarkable future. Inspired by a newspaper article about the real thirteen-year-old widows in India today, this universally acclaimed best-selling novel, characterized by spare, lyrical language and remarkable detail, transports readers into the heart of a gripping tale of hope.

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Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. Before you go thinking Gloria Whelan 's novel about a teen growing up in India sounds a little depressing, let us tell you this: It is—but there's still a lot to love in Homeless Bird.

Koly has more than her fair share of tough stuff to navigate so maybe quit complaining about doing your own laundry, mmkay? So cheer up already. Need more convincing to crack open the cover? Fancy, we know. Let's imagine two lab mice. Let's also say they're writers bear with us. Mouse A has a nice private cage and great food, while Mouse B has lousy food and a bunch of other mice in her cage that keep interrupting her. And how can Mouse B—mouse anatomy aside—write well under such bad conditions?

This is exactly the issue at the heart of Homeless Birds. The main character is Koly, a thirteen-year-old girl living in India.

Her parents are looking for a husband for her, who's family will take her in despite her small dowry. Kol After reading Homeless Bird I felt like sighing.

Koly's family is poor and there isn't enough food to go around. Koly knows it is her duty to marry, so when a husband is found she feels a mix of apprehension and excitment about what the future has in store. She meets her husband, Hari, for the first time at the wedding. Her parents leave and Koly knows she'll never see her family again. She soon realizes that Hari's family tricked her into an ill-fated marriage.

Her new husband is a very sick boy who dies soon after they're married. Koly is like a slave in her in-laws house, doing all the chores, and her mother-in-law is mean and impossible to please. Koly is a very strong heroine, hardworking and eager to learn. She is skilled at embroidery, something her mother taught her, and is happiest when embroidering her memories into quilts. The story is well paced and we follow Koly through all her struggles and hardships, getting a glimpse into a different culture.

Whelan's writing was eloquent and the novel was filled with beautiful imagery. Koly's voice was honest and I felt for her deeply. I loved Homeless Bird, it was an excellent novel- the National Book Award it won proves it- and it is definitely a must read. May 01, The other John rated it liked it Shelves: This is a tale of a young girl from a traditional Indian family, Koly, who is subjected to an arranged marriage.

What date this story is set, I don't know.

I'm assuming it's a modern day setting as the book mentions color photographs and computers As you might guess from the title, it doesn't quite work out very well. How it doesn't work out, I won't reveal. It was an interesting tale, well worth checking out.

The characters are done quite well, with a bit of depth to them. Koly especially is This is a tale of a young girl from a traditional Indian family, Koly, who is subjected to an arranged marriage. Koly especially is likable--I couldn't do anything but root for her as she faced the challenges ahead of her. I think the book also does a fine job of respecting the traditional culture. Whelan doesn't hesitate to point out its failings, but neither does she present it at as some horrible monstrosity which smothers any possibility of happiness.

Aug 28, Carrie rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a precious story!

It was short but lacking nothing, I loved it! The journey of a young girl in India whose life is changed forever when her arranged marriage comes with a heartbreaking surprise. Whelan's writing has a beautiful simplicity, I could almost taste the spicy samosas and smell the bright orange marigolds in the streets. She made traditional Indian society come to life through her descriptions.

Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan - review

I loved the way I couldn't predict what would happen from one point to the next, and th What a precious story! I loved the way I couldn't predict what would happen from one point to the next, and the characters showed surprising complexity. A brief story geared toward young readers, but I can see why it won the National Book Award. There is some reference to drug use, but it is very minor and fits within the cultural context.

I listened to the audiobook, and the narrator's voice seemed to be a perfect match for Koly, the homeless bird. Mar 08, Philip rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Great read. A beautiful tale of a young Indian girl whose arranged marriage doesn't exactly work out. Her dowry is used to download a train ticket to take her sick, young husband to the Ganges, but the Ganges can't heal him.

Now she's a young widow with no future prospects and no family to arrange marriages. Her mother-in-law abandon's her in a widow's town and she's left to fend for herself. I thought it was a great tale. Like Bound it was somewhat Cinderella-esque, but the comparison in this case is Great read. Like Bound it was somewhat Cinderella-esque, but the comparison in this case is a little more indirect. The thing that confused me most was when it was set.

Sometimes it seems to be pre-independent India, other times s, other times s. Jun 30, Emily rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This story is a Hindu story about a girl who is told she is getting married at the age of Then later she finds out the person she is supposed to get married to only wanted to get married for the dowry Hindu term for gift to get married to the person, in other words, she had to give the family of the man she was marrying a gift, like money to marry him so they can pay for him to go to The Ganges and get healed because he is very ill.

The story gets worse and worse for Koly main character This story is a Hindu story about a girl who is told she is getting married at the age of The story gets worse and worse for Koly main character until she finally meets a young man.

Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan - review

This story really is what happens in India and other places today. This story really does make you cherish what you have. Nov 03, Christine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Homeless Bird is the first book in a long time that I could not put down once I started reading it! It is so good! Very well written, vivid word pictures made me feel like I could see the settings and heard the sounds, like I was getting to know the characters.

I loved the ending. I know that not all books can have happy endings, but I love it when they do, so touching. Made me think of Cinderella. She deserved to find happiness after going through so much sorrow! Loved it! Jun 07, Nyle D rated it liked it.

This book was a good look in to how life was back when woman were not as important to learn.

I thought it was quite boring though i thought and it did not have a very great end. I would rate it smaller than usual but it was an ok book. Dec 28, Michele rated it it was amazing Shelves: Literary excellence.

Winner for a reason. So incredible to see what so many young girls go through there. How many marriages have been made the same way? So much unhappiness there and yet somehow she was saved by love. Loved it, a must read! Feb 11, Ursula rated it it was amazing Shelves: Homeless Bird is set in India.

See a Problem?

The main character is married at The story is sad, but it has a beautiful ending and remains to be one of my favorites. It has a middle school reading level, which is about how old I was when I read it the first time. Nov 06, Muyiwa rated it liked it. A great book that talks about a young Indian widow struggling to survive in the corrupt streets of India. I felt this was a book of missed opportunities. Despite the unusual setting, so much of the story was superficial, hackneyed, and predictable.

While Mrs. Mehta was supposed to be predictable to readers but not Koly , I saw Raji coming a mile away. It also seemed unnecessarily tailored to modern western readers - arranged marriages are bad and work even piecework is better than true devotion to the family and home even in a non-arranged marriage. You go, girl! Rah rah rah. Also, the who I felt this was a book of missed opportunities.

Also, the wholesale severing of all communication between Koly and her family after her marriage was not believable. While they didn't need to be the simple answer to her predicament a la The Prodigal Son , I just find it hard to swallow that there would be no letters, phone calls, visits - nothing. I think this might also play into the modern values that the author wanted to teach: I was hoping for more about Mrs.

Devi or about Mr. Das - maybe Koly's embroidery reminds one of them of the gorgeous embroidery done by a woman in a village that turns out to be Koly's mother and there is a reunion with all the tears one could want. There's a big emphasis on reading, but I also feel that for all that, it was underplayed. Here's a homeless girl who can do beautiful embroidery AND she can read and write - why is she stringing flowers and beads?

Someone in Maa Kamala's employment agency failed to conduct a comprehensive skills assessment on this girl. So the people who are best to her get treated the worst, and there's no comeuppance. Honesty is the best policy; what a tangled web we weave - not utmost in priorities here. Besides, do we really believe that the incredibly generous and kind Maa Kamala is not forgiving and compassionate, what with all she has seen? The withholding the truth from the family is at least somewhat understandable due to the "family honor" thing, but here we have those who have already been shamed and discarded.

Yes, Maa Kamala is trying to instill or at least enforce some morals, but making mistakes, confessing them, admitting to failure, etc.

Homeless Bird

It would strengthen and enhance it. Again, a missed opportunity. I did enjoy a lot about the book, mostly regarding the setting, and wish I could give it three stars, but these flaws keep surfacing.

Ingatkan aku, saat aku mulai mengeluh ttg apa saja, ttg betapa banyak keberkahan dan keberuntungan yg kunikmati setiap harinya.

Berbeda dgn Koly, tokoh utama dalam novel ini, yg dibesarkan tanpa makan yg cukup dan pendidikan yg layak. Menjadi janda dalam usia belia, dibuang dan tersia-sia. Meski demikian, Koly ini jenis gadis kuat yg tak menyerah pada keadaan. Dia tahu kapan untuk mengambang mengikuti arus, dan kapan harus melawan.

Ia juga menemukan celah untuk terus berusaha maju, belaj Ingatkan aku, saat aku mulai mengeluh ttg apa saja, ttg betapa banyak keberkahan dan keberuntungan yg kunikmati setiap harinya. Ia juga menemukan celah untuk terus berusaha maju, belajar membaca, bahkan menikmati puisi-puisi Tagore. Ah, romantisnya. Saat di akhir kisah ia akhirnya menemukan kebahagiaannya, aku pun menarik nafas lega. Aku jg suka bagian di mana Koly tetap ingin melakukan pekerjaannya, meski telah menemukan rumah baru.

Ending yg manis. Karena ini buku anak-anak, maka konflik dan penceritaannya terasa ringan, meski sebenarnya tema yg diangkat cukup berat dan gelap. Terlalu ringan dan indah malah, tanpa sinisme yg khas, dibandingkan novel2 india biasanya.If you don't mind the hurried description, this a beautiful must read.

Predictable and pleasant. To get money for the trip, Koly gives Mrs. Literary excellence. Rah rah rah.