QA Test Automation Interview Questions for beginners and Answer: Automation testing is useful in the following scenarios: . You can save these automation testing interview questions as a pdf and print for further reading. Selenium is a suite of tools for automated web testing. It is composed of .. Free PDF Download: Selenium Interview Questions & Answers. Following are frequently asked questions in interviews for freshers as well experienced QA professionals. 1) What is Automation testing?.

Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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Test Automation Interview Questions - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. 66 QA Interview Questions and Answers - Quality Assurance. This section focuses on Test Automation Interview Questions and Answers. Rather than being tool specific, e.g. QTP or Selenium, WebDriver. If you are preparing for Automation Testing job interview then go through Wisdomjobs interview questions and answers page. Testing involves certain cycle of.

What is IntelliJ? How can I read test data from excels?

Top 15 Automation Testing Interview Questions & Answers

How can we handle Web-based pop-up? Which webdriver implementation is the fastest? How would you test your own element locator? Company How to set test case priority in TestNG?

What is the alternate way to click on login button? What is the testng. Selenium Online Training How many exemptions do you know in Selenium WebDriver? Do you know a way to refresh browser by using Selenium?

F5 How will you use Selenium to upload a file? What methods of Robot Class do you know? Some commonly and popularly used methods of Robot Class during web automation What is the purpose of deSelectAll method?

It is used to deselect all the options which have been selected from the drop-down list. What is the difference between Factory and Data Provider annotation?

What is the purpose of getOptions method? What is Robot API? You should pass the username and password with URL: When AutoIT is used? Explain why to choose Python over Java in Selenium? Python is simpler and more compact compared to Java Java uses traditional braces to start and ends blocks, while Python uses indentation Java employs static typing, while Python is dynamically typed Java programs tend to run slower compared to Python programs How can you handle network latency using Selenium?

You can use driver. What is the difference between driver. What are the main advantages of Selenium?

How to delete cookies in selenium? Using deleteAllCookies method- driver.

What is an implicit wait in selenium? What is an explicit wait in selenium? What are some expected conditions that can be used in Explicit waits? What is fluent wait in selenium? How to mouse hover an element in selenium? What are DesiredCapabilities in selenium webdriver? What are some commonly encountered exceptions in selenium?

How to check which option in the dropdown is selected? How to locate a link using its text in selenium? How can we capture screenshots in selenium? Check More Tutorial Videos. To handle network latency you can use driver. To identify an object using Selenium you can use isElementPresent String locator isElementPresent takes a locator as the argument and if found returns a Boolean 88 In Selenium what are Breakpoints and Startpoints?

When you implement a breakpoint in your code, the execution will stop right there. This helps you to verify that your code is working as expected. Startpoints Startpoint indicates the point from where the execution should begin. Startpoint can be used when you want to run the testscript from the middle of the code or a breakpoint.

Few points that favor Python over Java to use with Selenium is, Java programs tend to run slower compared to Python programs.

Java uses traditional braces to start and ends blocks, while Python uses indentation. Java employs static typing, while Python is dynamically typed. Python is simpler and more compact compared to Java.

The challenges faced in Handling Ajax Call in Selenium Webdriver are Using "pause" command for handling Ajax call is not completely reliable. Long pause time makes the test unacceptably slow and increases the testing time. Instead, "waitforcondition" will be more helpful in testing Ajax applications. It is difficult to assess the risk associated with particular Ajax applications Given full freedom to developers to modify Ajax application makes the testing process challenging Creating automated test request may be difficult for testing tools as such AJAX application often use different encoding or serialization technique to submit POST data.

Intellij is an IDE that helps you to write better and faster code for Selenium. Intellij can be used in the option to Java bean and Eclipse. In Selenium WebDriver, Listeners "listen" to the event defined in the selenium script and behave accordingly. It allows customizing TestNG reports or logs. There are two main listeners i. How is it useful in terms of Selenium? When you want to run the test cases on a different browser with different operating systems and versions.

It allows you to execute SQL statements. Selenium is designed to automate web-based applications on different browsers. While working with Selenium, you need Session Handling. This is because, during test execution, the Selenium WebDriver has to interact with the browser all the time to execute given commands.

At the time of execution, it is also possible that, before current execution completes, someone else starts execution of another script, in the same machine and in the same type of browser. So to avoid such situation you need Session Handling. The advantages of Using Git Hub for Selenium are Multiple people when they work on the same project they can update project details and inform other team members simultaneously. Jenkins can help you to build the project from the remote repository regularly.

This helps you to keep track of failed builds. Prep Up For your Job Interview!!! Go through Selenium Tutorial to be better prepared. What is Ajax?

2. How did you use automating testing tools in your job?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to maximize, minimize or resize the browser using selenium What is JavaScriptExecutor? SAP Tutorials. Net C CodeIgniter. Blockchain Go Programming Reviews. Tableau Talend ZooKeeper.

Automation Testing Interview Questions & Answers

Artificial Intelligence Keras. R Programming TensorFlow. Data Science PyTorch. What is a Scrollbar? A Scrollbar is a lets you move around screen in horizontal or vertical In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate Cucumber with Selenium Webdriver. This framework is built on the concept of abstraction. In this framework, the tester creates scripts for each module of the application under test individually and then these scripts are combined in the hierarchical order to create large test cases.

It creates an abstraction layer between the modules, thus any modifications in test scripts for one module do not affect any other modules.

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In Data-driven testing framework, the input data and the expected output data corresponding to the input data is stored in a file or database and automated script runs the same set of test steps for multiple sets of data.

With this framework, we can run multiple test cases where only the input data differs and the steps of execution are the same.

It is an application independent testing framework which uses data tables and self-explanatory keywords. Keywords explain the actions to be performed on the application under test and data table provides the input and expected output data. This framework is a combination of all the above-mentioned testing frameworks Modular, data-driven, and keyword-driven. In this framework, the test cases are developed from modular scripts by combining them in the modular testing framework.

Each of the test cases uses a driver script which uses a data file as in data-driven framework and a keyword based action file. Q 28 When do you prefer Manual testing over Automation testing?

Q 29 Is Automation testing in agile Methodology useful or not? Automation testing is useful for regression, smoke or sanity testing. All these types of testing in traditional waterfall model happen at the end of the cycle and sometimes if there are not many enhancements to the application, we might not even have to do regression testing.

Whereas, in agile methodology , every iteration requires executing the regression test case as a new functionality is added. Also, the regression suite itself keeps growing after each sprint as the functional test cases of the current sprint module need to be added to the regression suite for the next sprint.

Thus, Automation testing in agile methodology is very useful and helps in achieving maximum test coverage in a lesser time of the sprint.

Q 30 List some advantages and disadvantages of Automation testing. Q 31 List some advantages and disadvantages of Manual testing. Q 32 Can we do Automation testing without a framework? If yes, then why do we need a framework? Yes, We can perform automation testing even without using a framework. We can just understand the tool that we are using for automation and program the steps in the programming language that tools support. If we automate test cases without a framework then there won't be any consistency in the programming scripts for test cases.

A framework is required to give a set of guidelines that everyone has to follow to have maintained readability, reusability, and consistency in the test scripts. A framework also provides one common ground for reporting and logging functionality.

Assuming that the automation tool and framework is already in place of the test environment. Q 34 Is Automation testing a Black box testing or White-box testing?

Automation testing is mostly a black box testing as we just program the steps that a manual tester performs for application under test without knowing the low-level design or code of the application.

Sometimes, automated test scripts need access to the database details that are used in the application under test or some more coding details and thus can be a type of white-box testing.

Thus automated testing can be both black or white box type of testing depending on the scenarios in which automation is performed. Q 35 How many test cases have you automated per day? Well, the number depends on the complexity of the test cases. When the complexity was limited, I was able to automate 5 to 6 test cases per day.

Sometimes, I was able to automate only one test case for complex scenarios. I have also broken down my test cases into different components like, take input, do the calculation, verify the output etc. Q 36 What factors determine the effectiveness of Automation testing? Some of the factors that determine the effectiveness of automation testing are: Smoke testing is also known as build verification testing.

Smoke test cases are run every time when a new build is released to check the health of the build for acceptance to perform testing. Regression testing is the testing to ensure that previously developed modules are functioning as expected after a new module is added or a bug is fixed.

Regression test cases are very crucial in incremental software approach where a new functionality is added at each increment phase. In this case, regression testing is performed at each incremental phase. Test cases which involve some complex calculations to verify a field for an application fall into this category.

Complex calculation results are more prone to human errors hence when automated they give accurate results. Test cases which have the same set of steps and run multiple times with the change of data are known as data-driven test cases.

Automated testing for these kinds of test cases is quick and cost-effective. Test cases like load tests and performance tests require a simulated environment with multiple users and multiple hardware or software combinations.How you will evaluate the tool for test automation?

Sets a timeout for all successive Web Element searches. With this framework, we can run multiple test cases where only the input data differs and the steps of execution are the same.

Q 14 What are the different types of an automation tool that you are aware of? If yes, then why do we need a framework? It waits for elements to show up. API testing Interview Questions. It is difficult to assess the risk associated with particular Ajax applications Given full freedom to developers to modify Ajax application makes the testing process challenging Creating automated test request may be difficult for testing tools as such AJAX application often use different encoding or serialization technique to submit POST data.

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