[SPOILER] PDF Views Below: Armory Field Manual Classes Bounties PvE Maps PvP Maps All Smashed Together Download link for those that. Want to check out the strategy guide for Destiny? somewhere in the comments here someone posted a PDF version of the same guide. I don't think there's an official way to download it, but if you give it some time I'm. Deal: Free Destiny Strategy Guide (eGuide), Store: Prima Games, up and enter the code to access the Official Digital Guide for Destiny. . i was hoping the guide is a pdf so i can read it on my ipad. but freebie is a goodie.

Destiny Official Strategy Guide Pdf

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Uploaded by: ERASMO is the Internet home for Bungie, the developer of Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon, and the only place with official Bungie info. Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guide [BradyGames] on *FREE* Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Official Collector's Companion Tome. Michael. Free Prima Official strategy guide for Destiny (view online) Sep 9, They have a link to a PDF version as well in the same Reddit thread.

I'm really surprised that so many of my more level headed mates have been caught up in the hype and bought it. Just about every one of them admit it's underwhelming but are playing it anyway. I need to sell my kids and get more me time it seems. I didn't follow this game at all in the lead-up so hype wasn't an issue for me, but I'm playing through with a couple of mates and we're really enjoying it. So take that for what it's worth. I think a lot of people board the hype train for these big AAA releases and are bound to be disappointed, no matter the content of the game.


Im the same here. I didnt download into the hype pre-release and basically avoided it so i could just play the game when it come out. I have a few friends that all play together and that makes it more enjoyable… The only thing i dont like is after playing Titanfall, this game seems very very slow… download a console to play this game, not worth it. It's pretty meh.

Playing it on ps4. I found borderlands 2 way more engaging, not really seeing any innovation or excitement.

Will play it through this weekend, but if it doesn't get better by then it's being flogged on fesite. Though at no point during the lead up did I ever get the impression that the game was going to be Earth-shattering.

And that's basically my impression of the first 8 hours with it.

Did you know?

The mechanics are extraordinarily solid. I don't think shooting stuff has ever felt better on a console. It's really well polished with little things that are awesome; the ability to open your inventory at just about any point - even during loading - is genius.

The biggest disappointment for me though is the story - it has an excellent premise, and a world that looks and sounds gorgeous, but not enough meat.

The modular nature of the narrative makes it hard to follow along with what's going on. Every now and then is a great cut-scene which gives some context to your actions - I just wish there was more.

Though I've been playing this with a mate and having a blast. I'd say if you're playing it solo, you're really not getting the full effect. See comment above https: As above - code already been used. Can someone please upload it to Dropbox or something for the rest of us??

The PDF is linked to in this comment here: All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. But it should give an impression whether it's worth registering and putting in the code at least.

I find it does have some useful images like these. I'll try convert it all.

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What method are u using? Can someone maybe find a browser extension that will download all the content to their local machine?

This is awesome! Worked for me too. As a token of my gratitude, I will offer you a dance once I get in the tower my fellow Guardian. If every guide out there has this same redeem code, I don't think they really can fix it without screwing over real customers.

That said, it seems idiotic for them to have only a single redeem code for the strategy guide of one of the year's biggest games. Damn i love you dude now i got the guide i don't got any gold but here's some reddit silver. I was wondering the same thing; if a big game like Destiny uses only a single code for its strategy guide, maybe other games do too? Armor increases health directly, beginning with health at 1 Armor, at 10 Armor, and at 13 Armor normally only achievable by Titans.

Worked here too! Thanks, have an upvote. Trying to figure the best way to save this locally, without having to save every single area of the guide as a webpage. I have a feeling they might clock onto this and revoke some of our redemptions.

But just a contingency I suppose, I should just go download the real one. The special edition looks rad. I personally had fun reading this while waiting for midnight to roll around and my digital preorder to unlock. Is this the same guide as http: Eh, I think it's pretty harmless and far less annoying than other phrases often used on here. If anybody on this website would like to add me to the PS4 version to play Vault of Glass.

Feel free to add. I just tried the code and can confirm that it still works. Kinda sucks they're losing a ton of cash, but then again, it's kinda dumb to not make the codes single use.

Thank you! I have the limited edition guide on the way as it comes with awesome prints etc, but it's handy until then! Thanks a bunch! I don't really use guides a whole lot, so I usually don't care to download them, lol! Apparently doesn't matter what you out there. It asked where I bought it from and I said BestGay.

It's a redemption token for the digital version of Prima's Destiny strategy guide included with download of a physical copy of the guide. For some reason, it isn't a one-time use code, meaning all the Guardians you see in this thread and more can use the same code with no trouble! I found out from Prima Games that this particular code was disabled and they want a photo of the physical guide or of the download receipt to prove that you bought it.

Apparently so many people were using the code they knew it was being shared and disabled but all they told me was "The Destiny code has been disabled due to technical reasons. I don't think there's an official way to download it, but if you give it some time I'm sure somebody will figure it out.

Thanks for this. I intend to play for a while learning as I go, but if this is still available by then I'll give it a look through. I actually bought the limited edition guide, but site says it wont ship until october or november So I am not really cheating here. Keeping the ordered guide. I just used it!

Read Onimusha TM 2 Samurai s Destiny Official Strategy Guide Signature Brady Ebook pdf

Worked after saying invalid for copy and paste. Off topic: Not that hemorrhoids are the worst thing I've endured, but they sure do suck. Well done!

I think I wanted something along the lines of "Angry Asshole" and decided to make it a bit more wordy. You're very welcome! That's from me. I texted the friend, and he says, "dude stop fucking texting me, you know damn well I'm busy gaming.

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I really wanted it.